With over 100 years of combined experience, we can provide the highest quality of furniture conservation and restoration services to institutions, museums, historic houses and private clients both across the UK and internationally.

Our staff is comprised of a highly trained team of conservators, cabinet makers and wood carvers with a wide range of professional qualifications and specialist skills, two of whom are ICON accredited.

Working with a combination of traditional techniques and contemporary ethical principals, we liaise closely with our clients and assess the condition of each object to determine how best to ensure its long term preservation. 

Ideally, this can be achieved through good preventive measures but, if remedial treatments are necessary, we will preserve as much original material as possible, whilst accepting that some elements may need to be reinforced or repaired (broken chair legs) or replaced (removal of inappropriate surface treatments, or poor repairs). By using the best conservation grade materials, and documenting practices, we extend the life of the object whilst preserving its historic integrity.

We offer a tailor-made Collections care and management service for corporate, public and private clients.

We are keen to pass on our extensive knowledge of techniques and materials to others.


"We employed Sophie Barton from Temple Studios to restore a number of frames that had losses and needed consolidation. 

She has been professional and proactive throughout the process, from her initial consultation to the work on site and her post site report.  Working with care and detailed attention she has improved our collection's appearance and stability greatly over the course of two days, moulding, casting and gilding where required. 

I would highly recommend her work."

Celia Hodges, House Steward Co-ordinator, Stansted House